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  • CASARA Branded Clothing Now Available

    CASARA Branded Clothing Now Available

    CASARA Branding Clothing Check out When you select CASARA Edenvale Zone, we will receive a portion of the sales as a fundraiser. Our family and friends can get involved with the purchasing of apparel items for the general public. This apparel is identified with a Support SAR letters on the back. This distinguished those who…

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  • Basic Winter Survival Training

    Basic Winter Survival Training

    It was overcast but a fairly mild day to hold our initial basic winter survival training. Learning which trees are useful and which to ignore, the best way to saw, chop or use two trees as a lever to collect wood, constructing a lean-to tent and where to place the fires. We all found using…

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  • That Others May Live

    That Others May Live The Start of CASARAThe first Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) Zone to receive military SAR training was in Cochrane, ON. The 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, with CASARA Ontario Director, Mike Daniels (who Dave flew for as a flight instructor at Welland in the mid-70’s) that was used for…

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    On the morning of July 24th, 2021, an aircraft (a PA-24 Piper Comanche) from CASARA Ottawa was engaged in training exercises just east of Ottawa. During the exercise they heard a MAYDAY call from an aircraft in distress. The distress aircraft had encountered an engine failure and advised it was going to conduct an off-airport…

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  • New Files in the Members Only Resource Section

    New Safety Manuals 2021 are now in the password area of the Members Only Resource page of the website.

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  • CASARA Edenvale wins Provincial Team Award!

    CASARA Edenvale wins Provincial Team Award!

    On Saturday morning (June 13), the Provincial CASARA AGM meeting was held via an online meeting platform.  During this meeting, Edenvale was presented with the Provincial Team Award.  Edenvale was given high praise for our efforts in getting stood up so quickly and efficiently as an official zone.  There has never been another CASARA zone…

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    Tues Feb 4th, 2020 at J Hangar, Edenvale Aerodrome we will be holding an Executive Meeting at 6:00, followed by the General Training Meeting at 7:00 – 9:00 All members and newcomers are welcome to the meetings. For further information contact Sion Jones at [email protected]

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  • How do they get all that equipment and those people into the Cormorant?

    How do they get all that equipment and those people into the Cormorant? Answer: #RCAF #TetrisChallenge! 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron’s #SAR helicopters are packed full of lifesaving equipment and a crew of five to help search for and rescue Canadians whenever called upon to do so. #ThatOthersMayLive

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  • Using Lat and Long Correctly for SAR

    Latitude-Longitude Coordinates It was brought to our attention that different formats are being used to refer to lat/long coordinates, creating confusion and frustration for our members. In aviation, latitude and longitude are expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds, and/or decimal thereof. Official sources, such at Transport Canada and NavCanada have not adopted one standard and…

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    If you are member of CASARA we have opened a new merchandise store, where you can find great Men’s and Women’s CASARA tee-shirts, jackets, and more. Here’s the CASARA store for previewing. To access the correct area of the store for CASARA items…Click on ONLINE STORES – Click on ‘Fire & Rescue’ (second line of…

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