CASARA training has two objectives:

  • To fulfill certification requirements to assist the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations; and
  • To create an awareness of flight safety and defensive flying practices, thereby developing and maintaining a professional level of knowledge and expertise among Canadian aviators.

Members of CASARA EDENVALE must attend regular meetings and training exercises to reach and to maintain operational status.

CASARA EDENVALE is not just for pilots. There are many non-pilot positions as well, including Spotters, Navigators, Electronic Search Specialists (ESS), Radio Operators and Search Coordinators. There is of course on-going training for pilots as well and all members are required to maintain minimum standards and currency requirements once they have been certified in any given position. 

Military Spotter Training 
CASARA spotters are given the opportunity to train as spotters on board military aircraft, particularly the CC-130 Hercules, with the objective being certification as a military spotter. Qualified spotters may be asked to serve on military aircraft during actual search operations.

Advanced or Special Training
First Aid and wilderness training is routinely arranged. Edenvale Unit 14 also searches out additional advanced or special training to make available to its members from time to time, such as Underwater Emergency Egress training and various training courses offered by Emergency Management Ontario.

Training Standards
CASARA National sets the minimum standards for operational qualifications and currency. These minimum standards are found in the CASARA National Training Manual. Each provincial member organization may adopt additional regional requirements exceeding the national minimums. In turn, each member organization within the province may also adopt further and higher standards.

All certification requirements are designed to be taught primarily by the Provincial CASARA organization with assistance from:

  • the RCAF CASARA team
  • their respective SAR Squadrons
  • Transport Canada