If you are member of CASARA we have opened a new merchandise store, where you can find great Men’s and Women’s CASARA tee-shirts, jackets, and more.

Here’s the CASARA store for previewing.

To access the correct area of the store for CASARA items…
Click on ONLINE STORES – Click on ‘Fire & Rescue’ (second line of boxes) – the third choice on the right is ‘CASARA – Civil Air Search and Rescue’, which opens the CASARA – Edenvale link. This store requires a Password to Browse and Buy items listed. For the password you must be a CASARA member.

Send us an email to receive a password for the store. YOU MUST BE A CASARA MEMBER. We will require your Name, CASARA ID#, and CASARA Unit.

www.dufferinapparel.com Click on Online Stores
Click on Fire & Rescue Services
Click on CASARA – Civil Air Search and Rescue link
Current Items in the CASARA Edenvale store.

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